Warning ! Attention Seeker by Achtung Aviatorē

When I was first introduced of Achtung by Ms Rachel from TVG Singapore, I had to google them out because it was my first time discovering about the brand. The first thing that pops up in my mind was “sigh, another Bell & Ross wannabe” because of the squarish case with circle dial, with the differences only on the colourful dial and hands.

Nonetheless, I decided to drop by TVG Singapore to check why Ms Rachel was so excited about Achtung, and I finally understood why ! Thanks to TVG Singapore for generously loaning me 2 sets of the newest series Aviatorē (Blue & Rose Gold Brown), and after wearing ’em for a week, I felt an apology is needed to Achtung for classifying them as a “Bell & Ross wannabe” because they may have the same look & feel, but Achtung‘s design definitely showcased a personality of their own – Bold, Adventurous, Attention Seeker, Hyper, Funky, and many other characteristic that can be defined through each of their Aviatorē series.