Warning ! Attention Seeker by Achtung Aviatorē

'Warning! Attention Seeker by Achtung Aviatorē

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When I was first introduced of Achtung by Ms Rachel from TVG Singapore, I had to google them out because it was my first time discovering about the brand. The first thing that pops up in my mind was “sigh, another Bell & Ross wannabe” because of the squarish case with circle dial, with the differences only on the colourful dial and hands.

Nonetheless, I decided to drop by TVG Singapore to check why Ms Rachel was so excited about Achtung, and I finally understood why! Thanks to TVG Singapore for generously loaning me 2 sets of the newest series Aviatorē (Blue & Rose Gold Brown), and after wearing ’em for a week, I felt an apology is needed to Achtung for classifying them as a “Bell & Ross wannabe” because they may have the same look & feel, but Achtung‘s design definitely showcased a personality of their own – Bold, Adventurous, Attention Seeker, Hyper, Funky, and many other characteristics that can be defined through each of their Aviatorē series.
It’s definitely an attention seeker on your wrist. It looks huge, it wears big, but surprisingly very comfortable. Love the matching colours on the dial, and definitely those cool hands especially the second hand. Let’s not forget that every variation comes only in 10 units and knowing that only 9 other people in this world would have the same watch as you ! The straps are definitely a class above the rest and I would definitely recommend anyone buying this watch to get an extra strap because you can easily mix & match the watch accordingly.

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Achtung – Aviatorē : Test et avis complet de la marque Allemande

"The case is high and there is a 3D effect on the dial with the outline which is also raised compared to the rest of the dial. On this raised contour, we can also see 3 colors: from 14h to 23h. This corresponds to an air speed indicator..."

"For the rest, if you like big watches, then I recommend it. For my part, she does not leave me anymore..." 


Watch Review: Achtung Classic AKA "Shockwave".

"I am such a sucker for unique hands on a watch. The yellow seconds hand is Not only bold in color but is also bold in shape with its generous length and it’s cool/unique star shape at the end. The red and blue hour/minute hands are nice and wide with skeletonized accents..." 

"The case is definitely a feature that gives this watch commanding wrist presence. It’s bold, large and looks awesome on the wrist. What really surprised me about this watch case is looking at it I did not expect it to be so comfortable on the wrist"

Watch Review: Achtung Aviatorē

"It definitely makes a statement when you strap it to your wrist which I personally find so refreshing and appealing."

"What I enjoy about Achtung watches is their total disregard for what the masses go for, which currently is a trend of soulless rehash designs that lack originality and creativity..."


Achtung Classic White

"It’s not shy and will definitely get you some attention...It’s a fun watch, and it causes you to glance down at it all the time..."

"The quality and care put into the watch also shine through in the polish and finish of the metal. It’s very well done. The padded leather strap is one of the best I’ve worn, it’s extremely comfortable..."

"...Don’t be afraid of breaking free from the norm and shaking up your collection with something fun and unique. And while this watch is fun and funky, it’s also very functional. It’s easy to read... and it’s surprisingly comfortable considering the lack of contouring... this watch is meant to be turning heads anyway. What a great conversation starter..."


The Aviatorē By AchtungTime

"First, a two stepped dial. This matches well with the elevated design of the case. You will also notice an airspeed indicator... Indeed, in case you didn’t notice it, these watches have a shape which evokes flight instruments. Once again, it is all about the details..."

"The hands of the watch have a unique design too. The hand marking the seconds is for me one of the most interesting aspects of the watch. The base of the hand has the shape of a star. This gives a dynamic look to the dial..."

"The Aviatorē is a watch that stands out due to its unique design..."



AchtungTime- Aviatorē

"...After several days in the company of Aviatorē B.BLUE, I can say loudly that this crazy watch surprised me from all points of view. Cool and fun on the wrist, catching your attention like never before. Seeing is believing!"

"The watch has a particular three-dimensional case, formed by a square base in satin steel on which rests a circular cone in polished steel... the flat bottom allows the watch to be worn even by female wrists despite the size they think otherwise..."

"The processing of the case is of rare beauty, especially in relation to the price range of this item. The crown embellished by the engraving of the logo of the brand has the right dimensions and makes it easy to set the time and date..."

"They have a character to sell and do not trivially remind other watches...I love the depth perception that gives the dial, as the realization on two levels is perfect..."


Attention! I have an Achtung watch on my wrist.

"Surprisingly with its flat square base, this watch fits pretty well on the wrist..."

"The strap choice on this Achtung Aviatore couldn’t be much better. Its totally in proportion with the watch case. The green accent stitching on the strap looks great with the colorful dial. The genuine leather is very soft and is very comfortable on the wrist..."

"This watch is fun and stands out. Its made to get attention and to be talked about..."