timetoblogwatches review on Achtung Shuttle

The Achtung Shuttle is that watch and you can immediately take notice of its unique design. The large black case commands instant attention right out of the box. The red and black colour combo has always been one of my favourite combinations since I was a kid. Voltron and Snake Eyes(his tattoo) immediately jumped into my mind.

The two subdials can be designated for multiple time zones if you do a lot of travelling for example. For me personally, I used them for my profession for timing my patient's treatments. Operating the small crowns are a little tricky, especially for my wide fingers. Eventually, I did get the hang of manipulating them, pulling them up first, them rotating the crown to set the time. The main crown is definitely easier to operate because of its edges and because of the size of the crown.

This watch is appropriately named because it’s the size of a shuttle, a 53mm diameter. 15mm thick shuttle to be exact. The red silicone strap does a nice job of balancing the large watch on your wrist and luckily the shuttle isn’t a watch that carries around much weight. This is definitely a good thing especially if you are one of those people who don’t like wearing a heavy watch. It’s a fun watch to wear, I really enjoyed pairing it with a cool t-shirt, jeans and some raw sneakers. It adds that extra detail to the outfit.



Achtung has really been focused on improving the quality of their pieces and it is quite apparent in their Shuttle watch. The strap integration is extremely limiting where you can’t change up the look with strap changes which is kind of a big deal to me. Changing the straps always breaths new life into a watch. $664 USD gets you an extremely unique and limited watch that is full of character. It’s a watch that has individuality and will definitely be a killer accent piece for those who love mixing it up in their personal style. I love matching my watches with my skateboarding hats and sneakers.

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